Three independent yet interconnected areas define minds & heart’s unique service offering.

We set priorities in the rational and concrete implementation of projects and initiatives.

Tangible Strategy

We support you in developing, structuring and implementing your strategic projects and initiatives. Based on your initial situation, we define the goals together, create the appropriate roadmap including milestones and obtain the necessary resources from our network.

In a comprehensive collaboration, we accompany you, for example, in the development and implementation of a go-to-market strategy.

On a smaller scale, for example, we supervise and coach your team in the development of internal and external activation measures.

We provide companies and individuals with inspiration and approaches in the areas of cultural transformation and female empowerment.

Cultural Transformation

We help you bridge entrenched mindsets, foster employee engagement to unleash full potential.

If we work together extensively, we could develop a mentoring program for your female executives to inspire them to stay with your company for the long term.

Or you would like independent feedback and impulses from outside on your current roadmap for transformation.

Our vision is to establish a platform of mutually inspiring individuals and organizations.

The Hour of the Brave

Far beyond traditional networking, we have the vision to develop a platform for debates and encounters, for inspiration and collaboration, for individuals and organizations. To work together for a more diverse and people-centered workplace of the future.

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